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40 jaar onderzoek

Haagen-Smit Prijs voor een uitzonderlijk artikel gepubliceerd in Atmospheric Environment

Dear Dr. Putaud and co-authors:
The committee for the selection of the Haagen-Smit Prize (, to be given annually to a maximum of two outstanding papers published in Atmospheric Environment (AE), has considered all nominations and made their final determination.  We are very pleased to announce that the single winner of the AE 2014 Haagen-Smit Prize is:
Jean-P. Putaud, Frank Raes, Rita Van Dingenen, Erika Brüggemann, M.-Cristina Facchini, Stefano Decesari, Sandro Fuzzi, Robert Gehrig, Cristoph Hüglin, Paolo Laj, Gundi Lorbeer, Willy Maenhaut, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Konrad Müller, Xavier Querol, Sergio Rodriguez, Jürgen Schneider, Gerald Spindler, Harry ten Brink, Kjetil Tørseth, Alfred Wiedensohler, A European aerosol phenomenology—2: chemical characteristics of particulate matter at kerbside, urban, rural and background sites in Europe, Atmos. Environ., 38, 16, 2579-2595, 2004.
With this announcement we would like to congratulate the authors and the nominators of the selected paper.  These are indeed contributions that we can all be proud of.  We would also very much like to thank all the other nominators for their effort and note that unsuccessful nominations are eligible for consideration again next year.
We further take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of the selection committee (listed below), made up of members from six countries, in arriving at a clear and timely decision.
In the very near future we will be in touch with the selected groups to discuss further details involved in conferring this award.  Once again, we thank all of you for your dedicated effort in making Atmospheric Environment a premier journal in the field.
Hanwant B. Singh, Chak Chan, Alfred Wiedensohler
Editors-in-Chief, Atmospheric Environment
Bethan Keall
Publisher, Elsevier Science    

P. S. Please forward this announcement to all your coauthors as we do not have everyones e-mail address (and some may be incorrect)

The selection committee for year 2014 is as follows:
Prof. Roy M. Harrison ( (UK)
Prof. Shiro Hatakeyama ( (Japan)
Prof. B. Langmann ( (Germany)
Prof. Lidia Morawska ( (Australia)
Prof. S. K. Satheesh ( (India)
Prof. Jamie Schauer ( ) (USA)
Prof. John Seinfeld ( (USA)
Prof. Barbara Turpin ( (USA)
Prof. Anthony Wexler (, Chair) (USA)